gkalliche (at) gmail.com

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture. Skowhegan, Maine. 2015.

Rhode Island School of Design. MFA. Providence, Rhode Island. 2010.

Honors Program: Muthesius Kunsthochshule. Kiel, Germany. 2010.

Florida State University. BFA. Tallahassee, Florida. 2006.

Solo and Two Person Exhibitions

The Greatest Arrogance. With Francisco G. Pinzón Samper. Exo Exo. Paris, France. 2023.

Buncha Hells. Winter Street Gallery. Edgartown, Massachusetts. 2022.

Ferula! Freddy. Harris, New York. 2022.

Buncha Hells. Helena Anrather. New York, New York. 2021.

The Manner of Working Events. With Kristin Walsh. Helena Anrather. New York, New York. 2021.

Division Lamp. Interstate Projects. Brooklyn, New York. 2019.

Hidden Hiss. SIGNAL. Brooklyn, New York. 2018.

Screens Series: Gregory Kalliche. New Museum, New York, New York. 2017.

The Greatest Arrogance. ASHES/ASHES at Minnesota Street Project. San Francisco, California. 2017.

Second Sun. The Knockdown Center. Queens, New York. 2016.

New Day For You. MuseumofAmericabooks. Brooklyn, New York. 2016.

Damage Predictions. With Jesse Hlebo. Orgy Park. Brooklyn, New York. 2015.

Lines Like Legs. With Ted Gahl. FJORD. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2014.

GPOY. Museum of Art at University of Maine. Bangor, Maine. 2013.

ALPEIOS. Public Fiction. Los Angeles, California. 2013.

Group Exhibitions

Rayon Jouets. Organized by Anne Monier Vanryb, Cédric Fauq, and Art Explora represented by Blanche de Lestrange. Hangar Y. Meudon, France. 2024.

The First Show. Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art. Fall River, Massachusetts. 2024.

Homecoming. PWA. Brooklyn, New York. 2023.

Sculpture Into Photography. Moskowitz Bayse. Los Angeles, California. 2023.

Chaleur humaine: Triennale Art & Industrie. Curated by Anna Colin and Camille Richert assisted by Henriette Gillerot.
FRAC Grand Large - Hauts-de-France. Dunkirk, France. 2023.

A Catastrophic Virtue. Catbox Contemporary at Pangée. Montreal, Canada. 2023.

Just about in the round. Curated by Elizaveta Shneyderman. KAJE. Brooklyn, New York. 2022.

Barbe à Papa. Curated by Cédric Fauq. CAPC Musée d'art Contemporain de Bordeaux. Bordeaux, France. 2022.

Body Snatchers (The House). Like A Little Disaster and PANE project. Polignano a Mare, Italy. 2021.

I don’t know whether the Earth is spinning or not... In conjunction with The VII Moscow International Biennale For Young Art.
Curated by Lizaveta Matveeva and Francesca Altamura. Moscow, Russia. 2020.

Group Exhibition #1. Fall River Museum of Contemporay Art. Fall River, Massachusetts. 2020.

The House That Jack Built. Home & Artists. Long Island, New York. 2020.

Dark Mode. ASHES/ASHES. New York, New York. 2019.

Pendant. Organized by Tabitha Piseno. WPN. New York, New York. 2019.

The whole world was not accessible to my gaze. Curated by Lizaveta Matveeva and Francesca Altamura. The Carillon.
Fort Worth, Texas. 2019.

The Burn Show. Presented by Safe Gallery at Folly Tree Arboretum. East Hampton, New York. 2019.

On connaît le début on connaît la fin. Exo Exo @ New Galerie. Paris, France. 2018.

The Private Collection of Water McBeer. Jeffrey Deitch. New York, New York. 2018.

Fear Faire. Marinaro Gallery. New York, New York. 2018.

The Midnight Sun. Pilot Projects. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2018.

The Big Short. The Artist’s Institute. New York, New York. 2018.

Nobody Owns The Beach. BLUE RUIN. Miami Beach, Florida. 2017.

Los Derivados. SLYZMUD. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2017.

Insides Outsides. Hotel-Art.us in collaboration with Sydney. Sydney, Australia. 2016.

Labor Work Action. New Release. New York, New York. 2016.

AFA 2. 63rd - 77th STEPS / Art-o-rama. Marseille, France. 2016.

Vurt. Young Projects. Los Angeles, California. 2016.

Seizure. Avalanche. London, United Kingdom. 2016.

People Sometimes, Die. Edel Assanti. London, United Kingdom. 2016.

I Can’t Wait to Get Off Work. Bannerette. Brooklyn, New York. 2015.

This Sentence, by Public Fiction. China Art Objects. Los Angeles, California. 2015.

Particular Pictures. Suzanne Geiss Co. New York, New York. 2014.

The Meditative Relaxation Cycle. Arcadia Missa. London, United Kingdom. 2014.

December Letters. Orgy Park. Brooklyn, New York 2013.

Internet Protocol. Petrella’s Imports. New York, New York. 2013.

Syncretic Station. Vessel & Page. Pontiac, Michigan. 2013.

A city(ies) that walked. FJORD. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2013.

Kelly’s Eye Club. Orgy Park. Brooklyn, New York. 2012.

Public Records. Public Fiction. Los Angeles, California. 2010.

Projects / Events / Performances

The Gallery in the Expanded Field III. Eddy’s Room at blip blip blip. Moscow, Russia. 2024.

Da Erste Mal. Video Screening curated by Florian Meisenberg presented by David Gryn. Frieze Week Screenings, Shoreditch Arts Club

LED Drawings / Jouleys. Artist in Residence + works on display. Lower Cavity. Holyoke, Massachusetts. 2023.

Sibling Gardens 3. Radio program by Viktor Timofeev. Montez Press Radio. New York, New York. 2020.

YOU ARE WHATEVER A MOON HAS ALWAYS MEANT. John Roebas. Pretty Days. Fall River, Massachusetts. 2020.

Screen Series Online: Gregory Kalliche. New Museum. New York, New York. 2020.

Screeners. Video featured as part of online video channel. Selected by Karl Clairmont Jacques. Helena Anrather. New York. 2020.

Deep Tissue. Video featured as part of Florian Meisenberg's exhibition at Berlínskej Model. Prague. Czech Republic. 2019.

Mutations. Video screening in conjunction with Kill Alters residency at Market Hotel. Brooklyn, New York. 2019.

Saecularis. Emma Pryde. Pretty Days. Jamestown, Rhode Island. 2019.

Presque Tout. A pulbication organized in conjunction with Anna Solal’s exhibition at Bagnoler. Bangnolet, France. 2019.

Main Attractions. Screening. Lubov. New York, New York. 2019.

Mature Themes: Screening. Foxy Production. New York, New York. 2018.

57 Cell fifth issue launch: Featuring Laurel Schwulst & Sean Lockwood, and Rafael Delacruz. Molasses. Brooklyn, New York. 2018.

Reminiscing. Jennifer J Lee. Pretty Days. Henderson, North Carolina. 2017.

Pretty Days: MIA. In collaboration with Anna Frost and Bas Fisher Invitational. Miami, Florida. 2017.

Kunst Film Fest #3. Centrum. Berlin, Germany. 2017.

NATURA.EXE video screening. In conjunction with Pascual Sisto's exhibition plllla plllla. Agreements to Zinedine. Milan, Italy. 2016.

Video Screening in conjunction with Charlotte Lagro’s exhibition Lost in Pepinster. The Space Collection. Liège, Belgium. 2016.

BB Forever: Incite Release Party + Screening. Echo Park Film Center. Los Angeles, California. 2016.

Divisions: Video Screening. Skowhegan West 22nd Street. New York, New York. 2016.

Sentinels. Brittni Ann Harvey. Pretty Days. Newport, Rhode Island. 2016.

Mirror Phase. Tulsa Overground Film Festival. Tulsa, Oklahoma. 2016.

Pretty Days at Designer Subscription. Pretty Days. Brooklyn, New York. 2016.

Belated Soul. Curated by Quintessa Matranga. Pretty Days. Brooklyn, New York. 2016.

Physical Experience Reading Series. Organized by Neven Lochhead. Spark Contemporary Art Space. Syracuse, New York. 2015.

Unsharable but not Unhinged. Organized by Lauren Mackler in conjunction with Istanbul Biennial. Mama Shelter. Istanbul, Turkey. 2015.

20/92 Video Screening. Icebox Project Space at Crane Arts. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 2015.

PARADISE CAFE. Exhibition A. PAT Projects presents Harry Gould Harvey IV. Spring Break Art Show. New York, New York. 2015.

PMAN PLUS. Annie Pearlman with PAT Projects. Small Editions. Brooklyn, New York. 2015.

57 Cell fourth issue launch: Featuring Cristine Brache and Ian Page. ROGERS. Los Angeles, California. 2015.

Artist Talk Series 1: Parenthetical Practice. Orgy Park. Brooklyn, New York. 2014.

Tabularium Archive. Slopes. Melbourne, Australia. 2014.

57 Cell third issue launch: Featuring Brenna Murphy and Benjamin Phelan. Printed Matter. New York, New York. 2014.

Mark Makings & Startup Grotto. Featured on suzannegeiss.net as an extension of the exhibition Particular Pictures. 2014.

57 Cell second issue launch: Featuring Juliette Bonneviot and Julie Leidner. Blonde Art Books. Brooklyn, New York. 2013.

OUTPOSTS 2013. Performance organized by CAROUSEL. Public Fiction. Los Angeles, California. 2013.

57 Cell @ TAMIZDAT. Family Business Gallery & New Holland. St. Petersburg, Russia. 2013.

57 Cell first issue launch and performance: Featuring Alee Peoples and Zuriel Waters. Printed Matter. New York, New York. 2013.


Vol 1: Never Lonely When You Eat. Perilla Magazine. 2020.

57 Cell Issue 5: Rafael Delacruz / Laurel Schwulst & Sean Lockwood. 2018.

PMAN Plus. Annie Pearlman with PAT Projects. Small Editions. Brooklyn, New York. 2015.

On Mimetic Polyalloy. Incite Journal of Experimental Media. 2015.

57 Cell Issue 4: Cristine Brache / Ian Page. 2014.

57 Cell Issue 3: Benjamin Phalen / Brenna Murphy. 2014.

57 Cell Issue 2: Juliette Bonneviot / Julie Leidner. 2013.

57 Cell Issue 1: Alee Peoples / Zuriel Waters. 2013.

Shadow Spaces. Issue #06. Allotrope Press. London, United Kingdom. 2012.

Sanguine Suds added to. Super Hit Press. Tallahassee, Florida. 2012.